Print Your Entry


Actions > Print Entry

Entrants can print their entry by clicking ACTIONS > PRINT ENTRY.

This print will include all questions in the entry that are seen by the entrant.

Print Set Questions

Entrants may also be offered a question in the entry form to enable them to print a selected set of questions, defined in a Print Set.

Print sets that are associated with questions in an entry form are retained in Acclaim for re-download.

In some questions these pdfs can be REMOVED using a button and the files re-generated. In all cases, after initial generation, these files will be re-generated automatically at set stages during the entry lifecycle; 

  • When the entry is Submitted (i.e. the entry has been completed)
  • When the entry is taken out of Compliance (i.e. after edited is finished)
  • When the entry is Staged (the Event is happy with it and the entry is sent to judging)

An Event Admin can force re-generation of a pdf by staging and un-staging an entry, or by putting it in and taking out of Compliance


A pdf file already generated will include the data in the entry at the time the file was created.

Only questions that have been answered will be output in the PDF.

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