Judges Using Acclaim Offline Judging


Because judging venues might have connection issues resulting in unreliable network/internet connectivity, Acclaim provides a backup processes on Microsoft Windows machines for asset delivery and scoring. Acclaim Offline Judging is an option when there is no desktop connection to the internet via the LAN at an Awards Event.

Acclaim Offline Judging uses a smartphone to capture your scores, so it is vital that you have stable 3G or 4G cellphone coverage at the venue. The assets for the entries scored are access from the local, Windows judging machine.

Acclaim Offline Judging Application

When the LAN connection fails at the venue you will asked by the event staff to change to Acclaim Offline Judging. To do this you will open the Acclaim Offline Judging application on the desktop.

The application will ask you to login with your token and to choose the Judging Team or Session you are currently scoring in.

You will be presented with your scoring assignments and the associated assets, as they were the last time the offline application was synchronised with Acclaim. You will be able to keep the desktop application up-to-date with your scoring progress by confirming each entry as you score.

Add Scores on Your Smartphone

When you open an entry to score on the desktop application, you will be presented with a QR label at the top of the entry. Use your smartphone camera to scan the label, and accept the prompt on your phone to connect to the entry via your phone's preferred web browser.

The entry will open on your smartphone, with the scoring block presented for you to ADD and SAVE your scores. Your scores are saved to Acclaim via your cellphone connection (i.e. they are not synchronised with the desktop, since the desktop will not be connected to the internet).

Once you have saved your scores via your phone, return to the desktop and click CONFIRM in the desktop application to record that you have added your score for the entry. The scored entry will move to the SCORED section in the screen in the desktop.

Using Acclaim Offline Judging

  1. On the desktop of the Windows machine, navigate to the Acclaim Judging folder
  2. Go to the Offline Folder
  3. Double click the app Judging-win32.exe file
  4. Acclaim Offline Judging will start
  5. Enter your judging token in the Acclaim Judging Login screen
  6. Choose the session you are currently scoring in
  7. Your entries will be presented as usual
  8. Browse to an entry on the desktop as normal
  9. Scan the QR code at the top with your smartphone
  10. View the entry and assets on your desktop as normal
  11. Add your scores for the entry on your smartphone and SAVE
  12. Click CONFIRM on the desktop

Repeat steps 8. to 12. as required to complete your assignments.


Clicking CONFIRM on your desktop after adding the scores on your smartphone will move the entry confirmed into the Scored section of the desktop view, which will help you to coordinate your scoring activities.

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