Using the Acclaim Support Portal


Once the Awards Event is open in Acclaim, the event Admin personnel will usually provide first line support for entrants and judges, by screening and attempting to resolve any contact for support related to the use of Acclaim. These questions may be about the use of Acclaim for the Event, rather than an issue with Acclaim itself.

If an answer to the question cannot be provided by the Admin the next avenue for finding answers is in the Acclaim Knowledge Base, accessed via our Support Portal

If the Admin cannot find the answer needed, they can raise the issue in an Acclaim Support Ticket (see below).


When you raise a ticket via the Support Portal, you will be offered answers to your issue from the Knowledge Base as you type.

Acclaim product specialists will provide business-day Acclaim Support from the UK, the United States of America (East and West Coast) and New Zealand (Wellington).

Since our support team is placed in various timezones, the response time for your ticket will be enhanced if the ticket is raised with the Support Team, not with an individual person.


Signing Up

When you start to on-board Acclaim we will set up your main Admin users with Admin rights in Acclaim, and with an account with Admin access the Support Portal. 

If you find you cannot access the Support Portal, of you cannot see the article linked from a Support Ticket, please let the Support Team know.

Logging In

When you are first set up in the Support Portal you will be sent an email to verify your email address and enable you to set your password. Subsequent logins will not require this step.

Raising Tickets

Ideally raise a ticket via the support portal, which will offer answers to your question as you type.

Minimum Requirements for a Support Ticket

  • Please raise one issue per Support Ticket
  • Please do not send an email to an individual person

While there are required fields for Support Tickets, there is also a minimum level of information the Support and Development Teams will need to replicate and remedy any issue:

  • Template TPL-
  • Question Q-
  • Entry E-
  • Invoice INV-
  • The steps to replicate the issue being reported
  • The requested timing for resolution of the issue


If support tickets indicate that there is a gap in training, a training call may be suggested to deal with training questions more completely. 

Link to: Helpdesk Workflow

Knowledge Base

Access Privileges

Access rights in the Support Portal are set at different levels, including an EVERYONE level with access to non-verified users. You can suggest these public pages to your entrant and judge users.  

The Knowledge Base is organised into:

  • Categories
  • Sections
  • Articles

Many articles are linked to others, provide more or related information.



There is the facility to navigate freely around the Knowledge Base, for example to explore a particular section or category while on-boarding. While navigating you will be presented with:

  • Recently viewed articles on the right, which will help you return to one you viewed earlier
  • Related articles, which will suggest places where there is more or related information


Use the search field to the top right to look for a particular article or subject.

The search result will primarily off the article in the Knowledge Base that matches your search term, along with links to the category and section the article is in. There will be a t under each article link with your search term in italics, which inform your choice of where to go to see the best answer to your question. 

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