Apply a Promo Code at Checkout


Promo Codes can be offered by Awards Events to provide specific price discounts for only the Entrants who are given the code.

Entrants can choose to apply the Promo Code during checkout.

Here's How 

  1. Complete an entry so that it is Ready to Submit
  2. Submit the Entry
  3. In Checkout, note the current prices for entries
  4. Enter the Promo Code you have been givenVoila_Capture_2020-05-06_10-58-25_.png
  5. Check that the new price reflects the discount you were given
  6. Click CHECKOUT to complete checking out


Enter the code exactly as provided

Restrictions may apply to the use of the Promo Code, e.g. 

  • Use once per user
  • Use for one checkout only
  • It may apply only to Entries, or the entire Checkout Basket

Link to: Submit and Pay for Your Entry

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