Entry Compliance for Reviewers



If an entry has been assigned to a Compliance Reviewer but Compliance has not yet started, the entrant will see a COMPLIANCE REVIEW badge for the assigned entry in All Entries Entry Home. 

Review the Entries

  1. Go to Entry Home and click a button in the Your Compliance Assignments ribbon
  2. Click the Review Not Started tab
  3. Click the Entry Name to view the entry

Entry Level Unlock

  1. Click the tab for the Entry Form page to view the entire page. In entry Details you will see the Compliance tab
  2. Click START NOTE to add an Entry Level Compliance Note to manage the entry as a whole,

Question Level Unlock

  1. Either:
    1. Click a question in the Summary tab in Entry Details or
    2. Go the question on the page in the entry
  2. Click START NOTE to add a first note for the question to be unlocked, and add the note to tell the Entrant what is needed for the answer to be compliant
  3. Click QUESTION COMPLIANCE NOTE for any other questions, as required
  4. Once a second Question-Level note is being added, use the SWITCH TO ENTRY COMPLIANCE button to switch to Entry Level Unlocking.

Notify the Entrant

  1. Before sending the Compliance notes for the entry in an email to the entrant, click EDIT for any note to modify it before sending
    Note: Entry answers remain locked while the Compliance notes are in draft. There is no change to the Entry sorting on Entrant’s Entry Home
  2. At any stage while the question-level notes are in DRAFT as more Compliance notes are added, click SWITCH TO ENTRY COMPLIANCE in the dialogue
    Note: Conversion to Entry-level Compliance consolidates all the notes into a single note, which can continue to be edited or deleted until it is sent
  3. Check the Entrant not Notified tab for the entries where entrants have not yet been notified
  4. When ready, in Entry Details click NOTIFY UNLOCK. The email sent to the entrant will include
    1. The entry information
    2. All the revision notes listed in the tab
    3. All the entry answers with revision notes, which are all unlocked so the entrant can edit them
      Note: The Entrant will now see this entry in their Revision Required Home Page
  5. Click the Waiting on Entrant tab to see all the entries where the action is with the entrant 
  6. Entrants can send messages back to the Reviewer by clicking the chat icon below left of the note, so also check in Messages for Reviewer
    In entry-level compliance there is a single conversation thread. The entrant can ask follow-up questions to the most recent message they have received from a compliance reviewer or notify the Reviewer they have made the revisions that have been requested
    In question-level compliance there are multiple compliance conversation threads for the entry: one for each answer being revised. The entrant can ask a follow up question to any of the most recent message(s) received from a compliance reviewer or notify they have completed all the revisions that have been requested in a single action.

Complete the Review

  1. When the the entrant has finished editing, they will mark the entry as DONE and the entry will move to the Entrant Done tab
  2. To check each of the edits made in the entry based on the notes, click REVIEW COMPLETE for each note. You will be taken to each edited question
  3. Add the note for the Entry Admin  and SAVE 
  4. Click DONE
  5. In the Reviewer Done tab, if the right has been assigned with the entry, STAGE the entry
  6. Otherwise click REVIEW COMPLETE. An Entry Admin or Coordinator will need to stage this entry


To take back control of the entry at any stage in the Compliance process, click RECALL ENTRY, which will also re-lock the entry,

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