Dealing with unpredictable browser behaviour


Log in using the Access URL for your awards program

Use the Access URL you were sent by Acclaim to log in to the awards event, without any data after ".com". This will help prevent your browser re-loading stale information from a previous session. If you bookmark your Access URL, be sure to save it in the same form as when you received it.

Clear your browser's history

First go to our article about cookies to read about how Acclaim needs them turned on to enhance your browsing experience using Acclaim. We need to temporarily store a very un-obtrusive cookie, (also known as a session cookie), in your web browser while you are using our platform. Once you close your browser window, the cookie is automatically deleted by your web browser. 

However, every now and then, your browser will not accomplish this task successfully so you may sometimes need to clear the stored browsing data yourself.

Each browser enables it's browsing history to be cleared in different ways, so the paths to enable this in each major bowser are set out below.     

Browser   Path to clear the browser history
Firefox Click the button with three lines top right of window > History > Clear Recent History > Clear Now
Google Chrome Click the button with three dots top right of window > History > History > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Browsing Data
Safari Click Safari in the page header > Clear History > Clear History
Internet Explorer No Longer Supported on any platform
Microsoft Edge Select Hub > History and then select Clear all history
Opera Click Opera in the page header > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Browsing Data



Be sure to always your an Acclaim button to leave a page, not the browser BACK button. This will enhance the reliability of your browser navigation.

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