Submit an Entry


Once an entry is complete it can be submitted (confirmed).

During this process an invoice is created in Acclaim, either for immediate payment through a payment gateway or for payment later by another type of fund transfer.

Once the entry is submitted it is locked and can only be edited by being unlocked by an Admin, and it can only withdrawn by an Admin.

To submit and entry:

  1. Go to Entry > Confirm Entries (under Things to Do in the navigation bar on the left)
  2. In the Checkout screen select the entries to checkout now and click Checkout
  3. Add the Invoice Address (the address for the company entering) and click Save
  4. Add a Note or Reference value
  5. If there is a payment gateway available you will be able to Pay Now. You will shortly recieve an email with confirmation of the payment
  6. If there is no payment gateway available, or you choose not to use it, click Invoice and Pay Later
  7. In Your Account you will now see the invoice displayed
  8. Check the Open or Statement tabs to view your account activity
  9. Click the pdf icon to download your receipt
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