Complete an Entry


Entry forms may consist of optional questions which can be answered, as well as required questions which must be answered. By default, an entry will be incomplete, and so able to be confirmed (submitted), until all the required responses have been added. If there are no required questions in the entry form then one optional question must be answered.

Acclaim will keep the entrant informed about the current state of the entry in several ways.

At the top of the entry is a Status section will, which confirm the current state of the entry. Below the current Statius is a button for ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. Click the button to see the contents of the entry form, with live links to go straight to the pages. The dialogue has a REQUIRED column where there is a check for the questions that are required, and there is a REQUIREMENT STATUS column top show what is currently missing and where. 


Once all the issues have been dealt with the Entry will be show as Ready to Submit (Confirm).

Link to: Create an Entry

Link to: Submit an Entry

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