Rules for Entries Made Together


When entries are made in multiple categories, or entries are added to more categories, Acclaim treats these multiple, linked entries as being entries in the same batch.

The Rules About Batches

  1. Entries with different titles cannot be in the same batch (if an entry is renamed it is moved to a different batch)

  2. Entries in the same batch must have the same entering company (the same billing company)

  3. Entries in the same batch must have the same product

Manage your entries together

Once your entry is entered into multiple categories, each time you go to Entry Home you will also see the other entries included in the batch.


When an entry in a batch is submitted, if any un-submitted entry in the batch is then edited, a local copy is created for the response to the question in that entry, meaning edits in that entry will no longer be shared with any submitted entries in the batch.

Responses in un-submitted entries in the same batch will remain on offer to also be modified by edits made in other un-submitted entries.

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