Share Responses Across Entries


Acclaim makes it easy to enter multiple categories

The responses or answers to questions, including text and any associated assets, are known as exhibits.

When entries are made in multiple categories, or entries are added later to more categories, Acclaim treats the multiple entries as being entries in the same batch.

Acclaim will try and share the response to a question of a particular type in one entry form (an exhibit) with all the other questions of the same type in other entry forms.

Entries made in parallel (i.e. entered in multiple categories at the same time) or entries which are copied to other categories (added to more categories) can also be edited in parallel, concurrently with each other.

Manage your entries together

Once your entry is entered into multiple categories, each time you go to your Entry home you will also see the other entries included in the batch(es).

Edit your entries together

Once responses to questions are linked, when an edit to the response to a question (exhibit) in one entry is attempted, Acclaim provides the ability to select the other linked exhibits (in other entries) so that the same edit can also be applied to the same response in the other linked entries.

Stop sharing exhibits

To stop sharing a shared response to a question, leaving the other shared responses linked, copy the shared response, click NEW and paste the response as a new response to the question.

This response can now be edited separately from the shared responses in the batch, with the other entries in the batch continuing to share the shared response.

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