Stop, you need to enable cookies


Why enable cookies?

For Acclaim to offer you the best possible experience, we need to temporarily store a very un-obtrusive cookie, (also known as a session cookie), in your web browser while you are using our platform.

Once you close your browser window, the cookie is automatically deleted by your web browser. 

We don't store any sensitive information using cookies, it's just boring 'techy' stuff. Any sensitive data you do submit is encrypted, and even our team here at AcclaimWorks can't access this information nor have the ability to decrypt it.

How do I enable cookies in my browser?

Choose your preferred browser:

    Click to enable cookies
   Google Chrome
   Internet Explorer
   Microsoft Edge
   Click Opera in the page header > Preferences > Cookies > Allow local data to be set

For more information on the type of cookie we use, (which are 'session cookies'), see here.

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