Glossary of Terms


Acclaim ID

An Acclaim ID is like a username. You enter it (along with your password) to login to your account or into any awards programme that we're providing services for. Acclaim defaults to using your account email address as your Acclaim ID

Apps Role

An Acclaim media handling role for the installation and management of apps onto tablets and smart phones for entry materials in an awards program


Control the behaviour of categories in the competition or questions in entry forms

Attribute Set

A group of attributes, typically a list which populates a dropdown or other selection device, e.g in a question


Also known as the Competition or Programme. This is the entity within which annual events run

Awards Event

The Event for the current year within in the Competition or Programme


When an entry is entered in more than one category when created, or it is later added to other categories, the entries that are related in this way are referred to as being in the same batch. All the entries in the batch can be edited in parallel, together, to save effort. Acclaim considers any entry in the same batch to be explicitly related


Sometimes used to refer to the Product in Acclaim


A market grouping for which an award is presented. See also Consolidation Category

Category Deadline Override

When set, will allow entries to be started in the individual category after the Event Hard Close Deadline Date and time

Category Exclusion Group

Once an entry has been created in one of the categories included in an exclusion group, another entry cannot be created in any of the other categories in the group

Category Feature

A highlight that appears above the category name when the categories are listed for the entrant to choose from

Category Mapping

An underlying specification that connects categories that relate to the same thing

Clone Question

A duplicate question in the same question group as the cloned question

Clone Event

A new event created for the following year, based on the current or most recent event


An option that is accessed from ACTIONS offering filtered lists for email communication with entrants and judges 


The entity paying for an entry


AKA Programme, e.g within which annual events are run

Competition Management

An Acclaim role with rights to manage at the highest level of a competition and to manage the programmes and events within the competition

Compulsory Question

A programme-wide question which must be present in the entry forms in all programmes (not to be confused with a Required Question)

Conditional Category

A grouping of categories where it is conditional that you have entered the primary category in the group before you can enter any of the others in the group

Confidential Permission

A question-level restriction of access to material provided in an entrant’s answer to a question in an entry form

Consolidation Category

Consolidation categories are used when to move awarded entries from a number of regular categories into a single, consolidated category, for a round of judging across the original tracks.

Cross Promotion Campaigns (xPromotion)

Provides the option to add their entry in categories in other programmes in the programme group

Custom Question Types

A group of special, coded entry template questions

Customise Interface

Set the logos, banners and colours for Acclaim in the Acclaim Themer


A programme in a programme-group that is able to import the specification entry form in an Entry Form Family from an upstream (parent) programme


A person answering questions in an entry form to enable the submission of a body of work for consideration for an award


The offer of a body of work, within guidelines, for consideration for an award for excellence in a category

Entry Admin

A member of the Awards Event team who manages entry in the event  

Entry Coordination

An Acclaim role with the rights to perform all the entry management roles except the creation or deletion of categories

Entry Form

A group of questions which comprise an entry into a category in an event. An entry form must be assigned to a category for the category to be offered for entry

Entry Form Family

A programme-wide entry template group which provides compulsory and recommended questions for inclusion in all the entry forms in an awards programme where the entry form is in the same family

Printed Validation

A type of question specifying a page minimum and maximum for the entry, with a print generated to pdf to enable Acclaim to count the current pages included in the entry  

Entry Admin Home

The Entry Manager view of entry activity in their awards program

Entry Reviewer

A person reviewing entries (usually during QC / Staging) to confirm that the entry is compliant with the requirements for entry, and so can be assigned to judges for scoring

Entry Template

An entry form which includes compulsory, recommended (at the competition, programme-wide level), and local questions for presentation to entrants 


An awards event, which may be the annual instance of a competition or programme

Entry Form Localisation

Localisation or translation in the local program entry form, where the text and imagery for a question is in a local language with local logos, independent from programme-wide requirements

Entrant Landing Page

A page that is presented to users logging in, the particular page depending on the current state of the event, with pages available for Too Early, Too Late, No Entries, and In Setup.

Global View

A summary Admin view of the current state of the Programmes in a Programme Group

Open and Close Close Deadline Dates and Times

Defined dates and times in the local timezone from which entries can be created and after which entries cannot be started, and/or before which they must be submitted

Imported Entry Form

An entry form created from a Specification in an Entry Form Family in  Programme Group, defined in an upstream, parent Programme

Imported Question

A question imported into an Entry Form from another Programme in the Programme Group

In Setup

The state of the Awards Event while it is being configured. An Entrant Landing Page page will be presented to users without Admin rights logging in while the event is in this state

Interface Language

Change the language that is seen on an Acclaim screen by entrants and judges


A person that scores the entries in your awards event

Judging Adjudication

The process of resolving tied judging results

Judging Coordination

A member of the awards management team with the permissions needed to assist in the management of judging

Judging Admin

A member of the Awards Event team with responsibility for managing the Judging cycle

Judging Admin Home

The central view of Judging Information for Judging Admins 

Judging Round

One or more rounds of scoring for entries to pass through before the results are tabulated

Judging Track

The main organisational structure used to manage the scoring of a group of categories across your Awards Event. The categories linked to a track will all be judged using the same Scoring Criteria  


Barcode labels are printed from Acclaim for shipped items, which can be scanned back into Acclaim from mobile devices to confirm reception of the item 

List Question Types

Specific question types, including list questions and grid questions, the former being generally in a single, vertical dimension, the latter in two dimensions


The ability to modify parts of the Acclaim user interface to reflect local requirements, to translate questions into different languages, and to provide the opportunity for entrants to provide answers in different languages

Manage Competition

Enables the management of a Competition, including switching to previous or future events for reporting or setup, and setting the timezone, currency, and help contact addresses

Manage Organisation

Enables management of the Organisations added in Acclaim, e.g. change an organisation name

Manage Product (Brand)

Enables the management of the Products (Brands) added in Acclaim

Manage Your Event

Setup and manage your event, e.g. set the open and close deadline dates and times for entry, or set event options such as SUBMIT-UNLOCK to enable submitted entries to be edit by entrants

Media Role

A person that has access to the tools needed to manage the receipt and processing of physical media for your awards program

Media Template

The format required to enable a type of answer to be specified in a question 


Organisations that are specified in an entry, e.g. an agency or holding company

Pages Editor

A person that can edit and approve content for publication on web pages served from within Acclaim that are accessible alongside the entry, sales, judging and management tools in Acclaim.

Pages Manager

A user that can author content for pages served from within Acclaim but can’t authorise them for publication.

Parallel Entry

When an entry is entered in more than one category when created, or it is later added to other categories. The entries in all categories can be edited together to save effort. Entries that are related in this way are referred to as being in the same batch


Enables the setting of a local order, e.g. for programme-wide questions in an entry form or for Categories


The management of the ratecards used to price entry in your awards programme

Primary Category

The primary category in the Conditional Category group that an entry must be made in before entry can be made in any of the other categories in the group.

Print Set

A grouping of questions and associated entry form content that will be printed in a particular PDF


Sometimes referred to as brand

Product Maintenance

Edit and manage the products for a competition

Production Permission

A question-level permission for the use of the answer to a question

Production Role

A person that has access to the tools needed to access entry content for editorial and production purposes (example: to show nomination reels)


The competition within which awards events are run, for example an annual awards event will occur each year within a programme or competition

Programme-Wide Options

A level of access permission providing access to services for multiple programmes in the programme group.

Promotion Permission

A question-level permission to use answers for promotional purposes

Publication Permission

A question-level permission to use answers for publication purposes

Publicity Permission

A question-level permission to use answers for publicity purposes


Monitoring the quality and readiness of an entry for judging, part of QC & Staging, i.e. preparing entries for Judging

Question Properties

The properties defining the type, capabilities and entry requirements for a question in an entry form

Question Type

The type of question going into the entry form. Selected from a set of standard Acclaim question types, and any custom question types created for your awards programme


Ratecards are used to price entry in your Awards Event at the time an entry is confirmed (submitted)

Recommended Category

A category in a recommendation group that is suggested to an entrant.

Required Question

A question for which an entrant must provide and answer (not to be confused with a Compulsory Question)


A defined set of access rights in Acclaim


The area in Acclaim that handles all activity relating to entry pricing, the shop, Invoicing and Payment rated to your Awards Event.

Sales Coordination

A person with limited access to SALES functionality the enables them to assist entrants.

Sales Admin

A person on the Awards Event team with responsibility for aspects of your awards event related to entry pricing, billing, collection and shop sales.

Sales Admin Home

The central view of Sales Information for Sales Admins 

Scoring Criteria

The defined scores to be applied to entries to grade their effectiveness with regard to winning an award

Service Email Messages

The email messages sent by Acclaim during the entry lifecycle. The text in the emails can be customised for suit your Awards Event

Setup Mode

The mode that an awards program is in while you are setting things up. It is not accessible to entrants or judges at this time.


Presentation of information to support Entrant or Judge activities, evident to the side of the main page in Acclaim, e.g. entry or judging deadlines, rules and guidance, contact information


A code associated with a category which enables categories to be grouped

Soft Close Deadline Date/Time

When set will allow entries to be started after the Soft Deadline Date and time


The entry form set currently as the basis for downstream programme import in the same Entry Form Family.


The process to prepare an entry for judging, part of QC & Staging

Strict New Entry & Submission

With a Hard Close Deadline also set, will stop new entries from being started after the Hard Close Deadline date and time, and will stop Draft entries being from submitted after the Hard Close Deadline date and time

Switch Program

The ability to switch between the Awards Events within a competition

Test & House Entry

Enables Entry Acclaim users with assigned management roles to create entries for testing, or on behalf of other Acclaim users 


Used in various places in Acclaim, e.g. communications, so that a tag will insert users-specific information into a message sent to a group. Always insert a tag from the dropdown provided, never copy and paste them 

Printed Validation

A type of question that generates a PDF with a page count, used to determine whether the content of the entry falls within a specified range in the number of pages


The upstream Programme where Programme-wide entry forms are managed, which can then be imported into programmes downstream

Validation Group

An entry template mechanism whereby questions can be grouped in such a way as to offer a selection of questions to answer, e.g. where they must answer one of the questions offered in the group


A type of question in an entry form that produces and downloads PDF document that is then signed and uploaded to confirm the accuracy of the information submitted


Accessed from Actions in the entry, which will remove (delete) the entry from the Awards Event

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