Remove Shared Assets from an Entry



You will add an asset to an entry when you enter its name (or choose it from your library) in response to a question or a request in an entry form that you're filling in. 

Entrants are able to enter multiple categories for the same work or project, with these entries belonging to the same batch, enabling them to be edited together. 

What's an entry asset?

An Entry Asset is every image, video, audio, copy (text statement), website, app, document or item that you're entering, uploading or shipping as part of an entry you're making. Each is a different type.

Assets can be shared across multiple entries, and different types of assets (shared or not) are handled and behave differently.

  • If you're submitting a magazine issue (something you're shipping) that is shared across multiple entries you'll be asked to ship multiple examples of the same thing: one for each category you've entered it in. Each will have its own barcode label.
  • If you're submitting a video spot (something you're uploading) that is shared across multiple entries, you'll only be asked to upload it once.

You can change/remove the assets included in your entry until you Submit the entry, or until your entry is locked by the Awards Program when it is staged for Judging.

Here's how to remove a shared asset from an entry

When you remove a shared asset from an entry, if the entry is included in a batch with other entries, you will be prompted to choose to also remove the asset from those other entries.

Here's How

  1. Go to Entry and Search for the entry
  2. Once you have the correct entry, click on the Entry Name to open the entry for review
  3. Locate the Question with the asset you wish to change in the entry
  4. If the Entry is in a batch, click SHOW/HIDE to exclude any entries from your edit 
  5. Either:
    1. Click the RESET button, e.g. for a text question
    2. Click the REMOVE button for a list question
    3. Click the REMOVE icon (a - in a blue circle) for an upload question
    4. Click the CONTEXT button and REMOVE for a credits question
  6. If the asset removed was the last one in a question, the question will revert to its unanswered state and you will be able to click ADD to add a fresh asset


To replace the asset either:

  • ADD (share) another asset from your library in the question or
  • If you want to setup a new asset to submit, click NEW and add name for the new asset and complete any other information

Labels for shipped entry materials

If you remove an asset that is shipped from an entry you also need to throw away the old label you may have already printed for the entry.

Labels are unique - they can't be reused. You must print new labels for each new asset or asset you share to your entry from your library. They will have new P- reference numbers and the awards program is expecting items with these new labels on them from you.


  • Your entry name may be different to your asset name(s)
  • Entries may have multiple assets, each has its own name. This is to help you identify the work that you're uploading or shipping to the awards program
  • You can't upload media until you have given it a name in your entry
  • If you're working with assets that you're shipping to the Awards Programme, pay particular care to correctly match the label(s) with the asset(s) you're shipping
  • If you edit the name of a shared asset then it will be changed for all the entries you've made that are using it, i.e that are in the came batch


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