Move an Entry to Another Category as an Entrant


Acclaim provides simple move capabilities to enable entrants to move entries from one category to another - provided you haven't paid for the entries or, in the case of an unpaid entry, the entry hasn't been sent to judging.

Here's How

  1. Go to Entry and Search for your entry
  2. Click the Name of your entry to go in to the detail view
  3. When you're certain you have the correct entry, click the pencil icon beside the Category Entered
  4. In the Change Category window, click the Move to Category dropdown
  5. Select the category to move the entry to
  6. Click SAVE


After the entry has been moved, check that the validation of the entry in the new category is as expected. It is possible for answers to some questions in the old category to be removed in the new category; some answers may be lost and some new answers may now be required to complete the entry.

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