Replacing an Uploaded Asset


Digital assets can be used in multiple entries and shared assets can be changed in one entry.

Here's How

  1. Go to Entry and Search for the entry
  2. Once you have the correct entry, click on the Entry Name to open the entry for review
  3. Locate the asset you wish to change in the entry
  4. Click the Remove Icon (a - in a blue circle)
  5. In Remove from Entry click REMOVE to confirm your action. This will remove the asset from this entry but leave it in your library
  6. If the asset removed was the last one in a question, the question will revert to its unanswered state and you will be able to click ADD to add a fresh asset
  7. In the open dialogue select an offered asset or NEW to add a new asset
  8. If you clicked NEW, enter a Title for the new asset and click SAVE
  9. Now click the UPLOAD icon
  10. Locate the asset you want to upload on your computer or network
  11. Click UPLOAD

If you need to change the name of the asset, go into an entry that is using the asset
and click EDIT for the question, then click the name of the asset to change its name.

Link to: Make Multiple Entries for the Same Work or Project

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