Withdraw Your Entry as an Entrant


Here's How

To withdraw or delete your entry from a competition:

  1. Go to Entry and click the name of your entry to go to the detail view of the entry
  2. When you're certain you have the correct entry, click ACTIONS > Withdraw Entry
  3. Confirm you want to withdraw the entry

Additional Information

  • When you withdraw an entry you're removing it from the category that it is in. The process does not delete the assets (including supporting statements, if any) you've set up for this entry
  • Assets are organised by the campaign or product you were entering. They are available to you from your library if you make another entry for the same campaign or product
  • You cannot withdraw an entry that is on an invoice (whether that invoice has been paid or not). To do that you will need the assistance of an Awards Admin to withdraw a submitted entry
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