Make Multiple Entries for the Same Work or Project


You can enter a project or case or piece of work in multiple categories in an Event at the same time. The group of entries added in this way is called a Batch (see below).  

Link to: Visual Category Discovery for adding categories to groups for entry and pricing 

Link to: Category Entry Constraints for constraints to limit entries in category groups or the event 

Create Entries in Multiple Categories

Here's How

  1. Log in to the Awards Event
  2. Click New Entry
  3. Select all the categories that you want to enter
    1. Either Select or Search for a category to enter or
    2. Select a group(s) of categories
  4. Click ADD TO ENTRY
  5. Select another category (including from another category group, if used)
  6. Click ADD TO ENTRY
  7. Click the - minus in the basket to Remove a Category
  8. Click CONTINUE
  9. Complete the information on the following pages top create the entries

Add an Entry to More Categories

If an entry has been created in one category, the same entry can be added to other categories by clicking ADD TO MORE CATEGORIES from the Entry Details view. The entry in the new category will be in the same batch as the original entry.

Manage the Entries in a Batch

Once an entry is entered or added in multiple categories, each time you go to Entry Home you will see the entries included in the batch under Related Entries. The entries in the batch can be edited together. 

Here's How

  1. Go to Entry Home and Click the name of an Entry
  2. Go to a page and click ADD or EDIT for a question
  3. For an entry group, under MULTI-CATEGORY SUBMISSION click SHOW/HIDE
  4. Select the entries in the batch to be included in the current edit
  5. Edit or add the answer as required
  6. SAVE

Un-group Your Entries

Here's How

  1. If an entry in the group is later renamed, or if the entering company is changed, the entry is moved out of the batch and will need to then be managed separately
  2. Use the SHOW/HIDE to un-check a batched entry and separate the answer in that entry from the current edit. Answers separated in entries in this way will then need to be edited separately

Submit Grouped Entries

When an entry from the same pass is submitted, if any un-submitted entry in the batch is then edited, a local copy is created for the edited response to the question in that entry (see 2. above)

This means that further edits in that un-submitted entry will not be shared with any submitted entries in the batch. Responses in other un-submitted entries in the same batch will remain on offer via the SHOW/HIDE button to be included in edits made in other un-submitted entries.

Stop Sharing A Shared Response

To stop sharing a shared response to a question, leaving the other shared responses linked, copy the shared response, click NEW in the EDIT dialogue, and paste the response as a new response to the question.

This response can then be edited separately from the responses shared in the batch, with the other entries in the batch continuing to share the shared response.

Additional Information

  • If you're making multiple entries in a single pass they all need to be for the same project, work, or product that you want to enter. Entries with different titles, products or companies entering cannot be in entered in the same pass
  • If some categories are greyed out it means they are using a different entry form. You'll need to make entries in those categories in another pass
  • There may be a limit on the number of categories that you can enter a piece of work in. If this is the case the the checkboxes for category selection will be disabled when the limit is reached.

Link to: Create an Entry

Link to: Restrictions on Exhibit Sharing (Admin only)

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