Change Your Account Email Address


Change the email address used to start registration

If you registered with an email address that you can access but don't want to use for your account, delete the registration email that you'll receive.

We'll automatically delete your email address from our systems within the next few days.

You can start registration again with the email address that you want to use.


Entries can also be moved to another user.

Change the email address used when entering in Acclaim

Registered users in Acclaim cannot update their email address themselves. 

What users can change is the Acclaim ID, via their Login Credentials in the Account page. While a user's Acclaim ID is set to their email address by default, when changing the Acclaim ID the Account Email remains the same.


You will only be able to use an email address for your Acclaim ID that is the same as your Account Email.

A registered user can change their Account Email by registering with the new email address, which includes the new address being validated, and then asking an event Admin to move their existing entries (with invoices) to the new account.

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