Registering is completed in 3 easy steps

Regisration is from the login page for the awards program you want to enter

  1. Click Register
  2. Enter your Work or Prefessional Email address and click Register with this Address, check the email address you have entered is correct and then confirm that we can Send Registration Email, which also confirms you can receive and respond to email at this address.  
  3. Complete the information requested in the Registration Email to  complete setting up your account.

Changing your Acclaim ID and Managing Your Account

Your Acclaim ID has been set to the work email address you entered when your registered. You can change your Acclaim ID in Your Account area. Please note that if your Acclaim ID is an email address then the must match your verified Account Email Address.

In Your Account area you can

  • Change your Acclaim ID
  • Change your Password
  • Edit your Communication Preferences
  • See your Billing History and pay unpaid Invoices for any awards program using the Acclaim Awards Service you have used your Acclaim ID to log into.


Using your Acclaim ID for other Awards Programs

Once you've registered with an awards program or event that is running on Acclaim you can use your Acclaim Username and password (your Acclaim ID) when you participate in or manage any other awards program or event also running on Acclaim. 



It is as simple as this: We will only use your Personal Information to provide you with a service on behalf of the company or organisation operating the awards program or event you are participating in using your Acclaim ID.

If we contact you it will be because you’ve asked us to, or the communication directly relates to the operation of a service we're providing to you. Examples of this would be confirmation that changes have been made to your account or an email confirming entry in an awards program or the purchase of tickets.

We won’t disclose any of your Personal or Financial Transaction Information to a third party unless we're legally required to do so, or you’ve given us explicit permission to do so through one of our services.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information




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