Making and Submitting an Entry


You can make an entry in an awards program during the call for entry dates advertised by the program. Some awards programs permit changes to some or all of your entry after you have submitted.

In all cases you can start and then come back and continue to work on your entry right up until you submit or the entry deadline has passed.

Here's How

  1. If you haven't already Register and Login to the awards program you want to enter
  2. Click New Entry
  3. Search for categories you want to enter your submission in. In most cases you can make the same entry in multiple categories at the same time.
  4. You'll then be asked for the name of the Project, Product or Brand your submission is for and an Entry Name.
  5. Then you will be asked for the name of the company or organisation that is making the entry. If the awards program is charging for entry this name will be on the billing documentation.
  6. Continue adding the rest of the information and materials needed for the categories you're entering. You can save and come back to your entry as often as you need to.
  7. Updates you make to information or materials you're sharing between entries updates all the entries using it.
  8. Click Submit Entry to submit the entries you want to submit at any time before the entry deadline.


  • If you have questions about the entry you are making click Help with my Entry to send a message to the awards program.
  • Membership discounts may be available.
  • Don't forget to use promo codes you may have been given.
  • If the awards program is offering additional items (example: merchandise, Gala Tickets, Subscriptions etc.) these will be offered as you make your entry or as you checkout.
  • Check with the awards program using the Help with my Entry options if you have any questions about entry eligibility or the information being requested. It's always better if you do that before you submit.

Good to Know

  • Most awards programs allow you to copy or add your entry to more categories. If available you'll find this option inside the entry you're making.
  • If the awards program you are entering is charging for entry their prices may increase closer to the entry deadline. 
  • Most entries need to have minimum set of information completed before they can be submitted.
  • You may be contacted after submission because your entries have been reviewed and changes are required for adherence to the rules of entry.  
  • As your entry progresses through the judging rounds you may also be contacted with a request to add additional information or entry materials.


Additional Information

Additional information about the call for entry dates, entry requirements, entry deadlines and submission policies are available to you from your Entry Home and within the entry forms. 

If you have questions please contact the awards program directly using the Help with my Entry option available to you from within the entry(s) you're making.



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