Create an Entry


To make an entry:

  1. Log in to the awards event
  2. Click NEW ENTRY
  3. Search for categories in the event that are open for entry by checking the options on the category search page
  4. Select the categories that you want to enter (only select the categories for the same entry)
  5. Add the name of the Product (brand)
  6. Add an Entry Name
  7. Add the name of the Entering Company (this is also the company that will be invoiced)
  8. Either click SAVE top right, or save an answer to a question, to save the entry
  9. Complete the rest of the information you're asked for until the entry is complete

Additional Information

Your entry will be constantly saved as you add your answers, so you can come back and continue working on the entry whenever you need to, right up until the entry is submitted or the entry has been accepted by the awards program for judging.


Acclaim will allow you to start you entry without an entering company, but you will be asked to add this each time you open the entry until it has been entered. 

Link to: Complete an Entry

Link to: Confirm an Entry

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