The person with the account used to make entries has left the company


This article is only applicable if you need access to the entries someone else has made for your company or organisation. If this isn't the case, please register with your own email address.


Accessing entries made using another Acclaim ID

If you need access to entries in another person's account, you will need the ownership of these entries and any associated billing documentation and payment history to be assigned to you.

Before this can happen you must first have your own Acclaim ID so that you can log in to the awards program using your own account.

To get the entries and billing documents transferred to you

  • Go to the Login page for the awards program you are participating in and click Register. Complete registration.
  • Contact the awards program, giving them the name / email address of the account used to make the entries and ask them to transfer the entries and account history to your new account.
  • You should expect they will require proof that your transfer request is bona fide.
  • When you've been advised the transfer has been completed, you will see the entries listed when you log into your account. 



User accounts are personal to you.

  • You can make and manage entries for multiple organisations within your account
  • You must always use your own account for judging

You are in breach of our Terms of Use if you share your account with other people (by disclosing your Acclaim ID and Password).




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