What is an Acclaim ID?


An Acclaim ID is like a username

Once you have registered and confirmed an Acclaim ID and password, you will be able to use them to login to any awards programme that we're providing services for. You won't need to register again for a different service.

As you're completing your account setup you'll see that Acclaim will set your Account Email address as your Acclaim ID by default, but you have the option to enter something else, if preferred.


You will only be able to use an email address for your Acclaim ID that is the same as your Account Email.

To change your Acclaim ID after you have confirmed your registration, go to Your Account (the head & shoulders icon) > Login Credentials. Contact Help for the event if you need to move entries to a new account.

In Your Account you can also:

  • Change your password
  • Edit your Communication Preferences
  • Review the emails that have been sent to you, requested by you or sent on your behalf
  • Manage your billing activities 


Always be sure to log in using the Access URL for your awards programme. Your Access URL is specified in your entry home page and will be formatted as:


Using a clean Access URL to log in to Acclaim, i.e. without any other data after the ".com", will help prevent your browser from trying to re-load stale information from a previous session.

Link to: Dealing with Unpredictable Browser Behaviour

Link to: Register in Acclaim

Link to: Log in to Acclaim

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