Acclaim Release Notes 21.7.2 (12AUG2023)


Release Date 12 August 2023


New Capabilities

  • Enhanced Entry Form Status & Error Reporting: updated status page for each template with summary Error or Warning tag on Entry Form index page.


  • Ordering Attribute sets to sequence category discovery choices
  • Print Validation questions types now error if no print set associated (can’t save question in template unless print set selected to prevent generation of blank PDFs).
  • Styling of reference UIDs
  • Entry Asset layouts and status reporting
  • Judge Import Pre-Flight Report Errors sorted into new Error section at top of pre-flight report
  • Comms warning when admin user doesn’t have required permissions to send comms messages (all users can author).
  • Improved handling of token value substitution when sending test comms messages.
  • Question search navigation navigates to question in entry form.
  • Country name “Turkey” updated to “Türkiye”
  • Country name “Vatican” corrected to “Vatican City”
  • Separate Local / Global count of question use in entry templates. Displayed in the bucket of the question for admins in template editor.
  • Handling of page breaks when printing entries as PDFs.
  • Hide unavailable choices in category discovery when no next filter matching options available.
  • Warning icon on entry form status page tab if warnings contain errors.
  • Updated styling for entry exhibits and status reporting
  • Entry Deadline date now not displayed in Entry. New configuration point for this in Entry Management.
  • Display “Search Category” disabled by default. New configuration point in Entry Management.
  • Best practice recommendation is to use category discovery attributes.


  • Scoring progress view “This Team Only” and “All Teams” filters showing “No Entries Assigned to this Team / Session”.
  • Assign Judges table column data alignment
  • Navigation from Action Panes was failing for some options.
  • Adding questions to entry template validation groups not allowing multiple questions to be added to group
  • Prevent Print sets used in Print Validation questions from referencing them selves (caused PDF generation to fail).
  • Themer could sometimes not report selected layout correctly.
  • Consistency in various reporting views of counts of assigned judges and judges that had scored (inconsistencies reporting abstains etc.)
  • Comms pathways from Scoring Progress views in Judging.
  • Link to Judge Profile from Judging Planning Tool would fail
  • Column sorting in entry to judge assignment failing with some data types
  • Entry Template “No Questions” error now clears when question added.
  • Better handling when generating thumbnails from paywall protected websites.
  • User profile image stretched to full screen width
  • Configuration of Visibility in credits questions
  • Validation Groups validating min required assets when all questions in group optional.
  • Download Reports button label fixed (was displaying as Print Invoice).
  • Comms warning that footers are required before messages can be sent to clearing when all footers have been set.


  • European data centre move completed.
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