Statement regarding Amazon AWS Outage 13JUN2023


Yesterday (June 13th ) there was a global outage across Amazon services which affected all AcclaimWorks’ services. AcclaimWorks was able to ascertain that indeed, this was an Amazon systems issue and not related to any errors in our systems.

Throughout the day and into the evening we checked in with Amazon for updates, and notified our clients as soon as we had any. We believe the server issues were resolved at 01h00 BST on June 14th.

We entirely understand any frustration this outage caused and empathise. It was an extremely frustrating several hours, but our team reacted as swiftly and professionally as they could in what were difficult circumstances.

We have asked Amazon to provide a full report into why they experienced the outage. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email us on:

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