Print the Barcode Label for Your Entry


Barcode labels are required when a question requires a physical item to provided for judging, e.g. a printed publication. The Labels feature in Acclaim enables the printing of barcode (QR) labels, and the re-printing of damaged or missing labels.

Answer a Shipped Item Response in an Entry

Here's How

  1. Go to the entry and click ADD for the Shipped Item question
  2. Add a title for the shipped item. 
  3. The question will show the message Ship Required in red

Print the Barcode Labels

  1. Go to Entry home
  2. Click the link in Things to Do for Barcode labels & Shipping on the left
  3. Click the item(s) to print the label(s) for (to re-print labels go to the ALL tab)
  4. Choose the Label Template required 
  5. Click Create Labels PDF

Once the labels are printed to the PDF file, the file will be saved in Downloads on your computer, and you can print that document onto the labels sheet to suit the format selected in 4. above.


  • If you've not told Acclaim about your shipping in the entry Acclaim can't print a label for it
  • Take care to attach the correct QR label to each item you're shipping
  • Do not send in items without a QR barcode label attached
  • Each QR barcode is unique, specific to each piece of material submitted. The labels cannot be be re-used
  • Make sure the QR barcodes aren't damaged. If the labels cannot be scanned Acclaim can't process the entry materials when they are received
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