As an Entrant You can Become a Judge


A registered user in Acclaim can offer to be a judge in an event. Even if you are not currently an entrant in the event, you can still register in Acclaim to enable you to then offer to be a judge.


A Judging Manager will need approve your request before you can be added as a Judge.

Register in Acclaim

Setting up an account in Acclaim is completed in three easy steps:

  1. Go to the Award Event URL and click the REGISTER button
  2. Enter the email address you want to use for your account and click the REGISTER WITH THIS ADDRESS button. We'll take a quick look to make sure you're not already registered and then get you to confirm that you want us to SEND REGISTRATION EMAIL.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email you'll receive (we do this to make sure that you can receive email at the address you've entered) to complete setting up your account.

Log in

Once you have registered, when you next go to the Awards Event URL you will be taken to your home page, which maybe a fallback page showing that you have not entered as yet. This will depend on the status of the event (i.e. whether it is currently open for entries or not).

Nominate Yourself as a Judge

If you have not yet made an entry in the event, you will be taken to a fallback page and on that page you may see a button to click to let the event know you are interested in being a judge by completing a questionnaire.

If there is no button offered on that first page, click ENTRY in the navigation bar, and then you may see a separate button in the navigation bar.

A Judging Admin will review your form and contact you about your approval status as a judge.

Once you have sent the event your nomination you will be able to edit your responses in the questionnaire by clicking the same button again. 

Judge Information

The following core information for the Judge is collected on the Interview screen:

  • The company or organisation you are currently working for or employed by
  • Your Job Title or Role for this organisation or company
  • The Shipping Address that should be used if any items are to be shipped to you for judging
  • The Products / Brands you have worked on


You may be asked by the Awards Event to provide additional information, e.g. to indicate when you are available to be a judge. 

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