Acclaim Hybrid Judging for Judges


Because some judging venues might have unreliable network/internet connectivity, Acclaim provides a backup process for asset delivery and scoring. Acclaim Hybrid Judging means that Acclaim will remain accessible to judges, with media assets and other files required for scoring the entries accessed from the local judging machine.

The scoring experience for the judges involved in Acclaim Hybrid Judging is the same as when they are judging online: login through the judging splash page, review the assigned entries and score. 

To enable a smooth crossover during scoring, scoring session Admins will prepare for Acclaim Hybrid Judging before the session starts, just in case. This will ensure minimal disruption to scoring if the switch is required, meaning judges will be able finish scoring an entry, start Acclaim Hybrid Judging, and carry on scoring from where they left off.

Switch to Hybrid Judging

  1. Complete scoring the current entry
  2. Go to the local Dropbox folder and go to the Apps/Acclaim Hybrid Judging Server directory
  3. Double-click the Acclaim Hybrid Judging application
  4. Choose the current Team or Session from the dropdown
    (if you are not sure, ask the moderator which one to select)
  5. Go back to Acclaim and continue scoring 

Important Notes:

  • Minimise the Acclaim Hybrid Judging window to move it out of the way while scoring.
    DO NOT close the window with the x. This will turn off Acclaim Hybrid Judging 
  • If a judge sees an error when trying to access media after returning to their scoring session, refresh the browser to ensure Acclaim Hybrid Judging has switched to the local path to the assets
  • If running Acclaim Hybrid Judging is interrupted by a message from the firewall on the local machine, say YES to trust the application and enable it to run
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