Take a Quick Look at Acclaim


When we start to talk to you about your event we will give you a preliminary look at Acclaim. Once we have collected some initial data from you, your service can be created, you can be set up as an Admin user, and you will be able to navigate around Acclaim. 

Set Up for Entry

Entry Home Page

  • How Acclaim fits together
    • The navigation bar
      • The interaction between Entry / Sales / Judging
    • User Accounts
      • Registration
      • Your Account
      • Roles and rights
  • Your Competition
  • Your Awards Event
  • The Entry ribbon provides easy access to: 
  • Entry > Actions
    • Access to the entry reports
    • Access to entrant email lists to facilitate entrant communications
    • Test & House Entry to enable Entry testing by Admins  
    • QC & Staging moves compliant entries to Judging  
    • Attributes can modify how Acclaim behaves
    • Service Email Messages and the Service Emil Message Log - the messages sent by Acclaim


  • Use the Acclaim Themer to
    • Add your banner, logo
    • Add styles for brand consistency
  • Click the UI icon Screen.png to:
    • Change the copy on the current page
    • Change the language in the Event Interface
      • Entrant Landing Pages are presented to registered users depending on the event's lifecycle
      • Change the copy presented in the Entry and Judging sidebars
    • Search for and edit almost any language used in the Acclaim Interface


  • Add a new Category
    • Assign an entry form to the category
    • Set auto-stage to stage entries for judging as soon as they are complete 
    • Group categories for reporting together
  • Define exclusive categories to limit entries to only one category in the group
  • xPromotion campaigns enable categories to be presented in other programmes in the group

Entry Forms

  • The Entry Form index page enables access to entry forms 
    • Forms In Use or Available
    • Each form has a unique reference (TPL) number
    • Assign a template to a category from the Entry Form Index page
  • Entry Form messages can be displayed in the In Use tab
    • QUESTION CONFIGURATION INCOMPLETE means a question has is a property unset   
    • ALL QUESTIONS OPTIONAL means a form includes no question requiring an answer
  • Questions
    • Tabs are presented in the Entry Form Index for questions and retired questions
    • Questions also have a unique reference (Q) number
    • Question groups enable questions of the same type to be used in different templates,  but be treated in the the same for reporting
    • Validation groups enable questions of different types to fulfil one requirement
    • Question guidance encourages entrants to provide judges with information for scoring
    • Use Print Sets to include specified question entry documents 


  • The Issues section (ribbon) provides easy access to:
    • Draft entries
    • Debtors
    • Creditors
  • Sales Activity summarises the Sales activity in the event
  • Settlement Activity provides easy access to:
    • Credit card payments
    • Refunds 
  • Sales > Actions
    • Sales reporting
    • Email lists for entrant communications
    • Pricing for the definition of your ratecards
    • The Shop can be used to sell event-related shop items
    • Promo Codes can used to provide discounts to users, or to specific users 
    • Invoice Rules & Template enables your invoice to se set up as you require 
    • Add your details in Payment Gateway to facilitate credit card payments from entrants
    • Set the Sales Tax you require
    • Acclaim provides a Membership Billing Interface for members-only pricing 

Entry Pre-flight Checks 

  • Once the basics are set up for your competition, all you need to enter in the event is a category, with an entry form assigned, which includes at least one question
  • Try an Entry!
    • An Admin can always enter using Actions > Test & House Entry > New Entry
    • Try an upload question
    • Try and print question
    • Try a legal question
  • Refine the Entry Form
    • Open an entry form as an Admin session in one browser, an entry in another browser, make changes in the form and see them reflected in the entry straight away

Open for Entry

  • Set the open and close dates for your event
  • Check the current landing page as an entrant

Set Up for Judging

  • Add a track for the categories to be judged in the same way 
  • Add scoring criteria to provide the basis for the scores
  • Add a scoring round; there can be more than one, with a result in an early round moving an entry to the next round. Judges in a round can score entries individually or as a group, online or in person
  • Add a judge. Judges can be registered users or use a token for a judging Team or Session
  • Assign a judge to a Team or Session for a round
  • Stage an entry for Judging 

Scoring Entries

Easily Transition to Your Next Event

Acclaim provides an easy way to clone your last event and create a copy of it for the following year.

  • First you will need to clean up the last event
    • Remove Abandoned Entries
    • Cleanup Staged, Un-billed Entries
  • When cloning the event choose the Entry Form handling option:
    • Clone With
      Your entry forms will be associated with the categories in the clone of your awards programme as they are now. Acclaim will automatically make sure that any changes you make will not affect entries made in any previous cycle of your awards programme
    • Clone Without 
      Your cloned program will be without entry forms. Choose this option if you intend to make significant changes or updates to your entry forms. You’ll still have the questions you have been using available to drag onto your new forms as you build them
  • After cloning you should check the clone event:
    • Check that you do not wish to modify the categories
    • Check that you do not need to modify any of the text you have used previously, which may include dates from the last event
    • Retire your ratecards and create new ones for the new event (the ratecards from last year need to remain intact for the records)   

Link to : Acclaim Entry Express Setup

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