Acclaim Entry Express Setup


If you do not require all the features offered in Acclaim, you can set up your event during, and open for entry shortly after, your first Acclaim training session. If you are not charging for entry, you might even be able to open at the end of the training session.

Express Competition Setup

In advance of your training we will have asked you some questions we needed answered in order to create your service in Acclaim:

  • The name of your organisation
  • The URL you wish to use to provide access
  • Whether you will charge for entry
  • Your currency
  • Your timezone
  • Your language
  • Your paper size
  • Your service and help email addresses

Prior to your training your Admins can register in Acclaim and we will assign their Admin rights. They can also test the Login Help link that provides the password reset.

Express Event Setup


You'll only need to set up Sales for your pricing, Invoice Rules & Template and Payment Gateway if required.

Pre-flight Checks

Try an entry!

  • Create a new entry
  • Answer an upload question (if there is one)
  • Answer a print set question (if there is one)
  • Communicate with an entrant
  • Submit an entry
  • Check for the entry confirmation email
  • Check the entrant account
  • Settle the invoice 
  • Check for the payment receipt email
  • Run an Entry report
  • Run a Sales report

Open Your Event

  • Set your open and close dates
  • Check the current fallback page (including when you are not yet open)

Once you have Entry set up, or during the Entry set up process, you can get Set Up For Judging.

Link to: Acclaim Judging Express Setup

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