Some Initial Questions About Your Competition



  1. Will you charge for entry into your competition?
  2. What is the currency your organisation trade using?
  3. What is the timezone for your competition?
  4. What paper size should be defined for printing?
  5. What is your primary language for Entry?
  6. What other language(s) need to be defined in Acclaim?
  7. What is the business address for your organisation?


  1. Between which dates do you want to be open for entry?
  2. How many categories will you offer for entry?
  3. What is the expected number on entrants in your first year in Acclaim?
  4. What is the expected number of entries in your first year in Acclaim?


  1. How many entry forms will be needed for entry in the categories?
  2. Do you need to ask entrants any questions beyond the scope of the standard Acclaim question types?


  1. What are the ratecards for your entry pricing and their start dates, if known?
  2. Do you provide discounts to a membership group?
  3. Do you provide other types of discount, such as for first time entrants?
  4. Do you need to manage local taxes such as VAT or GST?
  5. If you already use a payment gateway, which one is it?


  1. Between which dates do you want to be scoring for entries?
  2. When do you plan to have completed judging and published your results?
  3. How are the categories organised for judging? Together on one track, or grouped on multiple tracks?
  4. How many rounds do you use to make your finalist and winner?
  5. How many Judges typically score your entries?
  6. How do you manage scoring sessions? Judge score individually or as a team
  7. Do you seek additional material from entrants when entries advance to round in Judging?
  8. Is there a need for Dropbox integration to access assets (may depend on the number of entries and the type of questions asked)?

Once your service has been created you are ready to prepare for on-boarding Acclaim

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