Quick Summary for Entrants - Entering in Acclaim


Once an entrant has registered in Acclaim, an entry can be created.

Create an Entry

  1. Log in to the awards event
  2. Click NEW ENTRY
  3. Select the categories to enter (only select the categories for the same entry)
  4. Add the name of the product or brand
  5. Add the name of the person making the entry
  6. Add the name of the Company entering (this is also the company that will be invoiced)
  7. Click Save


The entry is constantly being saved, so entrants can come back and continue working on it whenever they need to, right up until the entry deadline or the entry has been accepted by the awards program (staged) for judging.

Make and Entry in Multiple Categories

Entrants can enter a project or case or piece of work in multiple categories in an awards event at the same time

Complete an Entry

Entry forms will consist of optional questions which can be answered, as well as required questions which must be answered. By default, and entry will not be complete, able to be Submitted (confirmed), until all the required responses have been added. Acclaim will keep the entrant informed about the current state of the entry in several ways.

  1. A badge will be displayed at the top if the entry to confirm the overall status of the entry. Click the badge to see a list of the current status of all the questions in the Entry Form.
  2. The first tab in the entrant view of the entry form is the Summary tab, which will list the current status of all the questions in the Entry Form.

Submit (confirm) an Entry

Once an entry is complete it can be submitted (confirmed).

During this process an invoice is created in Acclaim, either for immediate payment through a payment gateway or for payment later by another type of fund transfer.

Once the entry is submitted it is locked and can only be edited by being unlocked by an Admin, and the entry can only withdrawn by an Admin.

Edit a Submitted Entry

Question are now set as editable after an entry has been Submitted in the entry form used for the entry.

  1. Go to Entry Admin Dashboard > Active Entry Forms
  2. Click the name of the entry form to modify
  3. Click ACTIONS > Manage Entry Form Print Set Content
  4. In the SUBMIT-UNLOCK column select the questions which will be editable by the entrant after an entry has been SUBMITTED


  1. Select ALL questions to enable an entire entry to be editable
  2. Select NO questions to lock the entry for editing by the entrant
  3. Select SOME questions to only allow editing by the entrant of only those questions  

Change the Product for an Entry

From time to time you may need to Change the Product (Brand) for an entry.

  1. Go to Entry > Search for the entry
  2. Click the name of your entry to go into the detail view
  3. When you're certain you have the correct entry, click the pencil icon beside the product
  4. In the Product Finder select a product to move the entry to
  5. If no product is available to match the product you need, click None of These and enter a new product
  6. Click SAVE

Change the Owner of an Entry

It for some reason an entry needs to be moved to a new owner, e.g. an Entrant leaves a company after starting an entry, an Admin will need to move the entry to the new Entrant. The new user needs to have registered in Acclaim, and to have logged in to the programme entered at least once.


If an Invoice needs to be amended an Admins will need to be asked to make the changes. Invoices can only be modified once. Voiding an Invoice is considered an amendment.

If the effect of any changes is to reduce the amount an entrant is to pay (or should have paid) then Acclaim will automatically generate a Credit Note. If the affect of any changes is to increase the amount an entrant is to pay (or should have paid) then Acclaim will automatically generate an additional Invoice.

Withdraw an Entry

The process to withdraw an entry will depend on the state of the entry in the event at the time. An entry can be withdrawn even when it is being judged, which includes more steps by an Admin than it being withdrawn prior to being Submitted (Invoiced). To withdraw an unsubmitted entry:

  1. Go to Entry > Search for the entrant name, entering company or entry reference number
  2. Once the correct entry is identified click ACTIONS > Withdraw entry 

For more detail got to the Section Entering in Acclaim 



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