Recent Acclaim Releases - Summary (August-2 2017)


The most recent Acclaim releases include the following improvements and new features, amongst others:

  • Service Emails
    • Admins can send test Service Emails
    • A BCC can be added to most Service Emails
    • Some Service Emails can can be resent
    • A use-once login link is now used for password recovery
    • Service Email history is accessible from the Users Report
  • Invoices & Credit Notes
    • Those that are associated with a Settlement are now attached to the Payment Receipt service message
    • Settlement Detail screens now list Invoices & Credit Notes (as in a Settle Balance transaction)
    • A text editor has been added to the invoice and credit note header and footer
  • Users Report
    • Now includes the Affiliation Date & Search of users and Service Email history
  • Rate cards
    • A History tab has been added to the track changes made to rate cards
  • Entry forms / templates / questions
    • New question types and behaviours have been added
      • A question can reference another question to provide additional information
      • Question management; includes remove, clone, retire, delete
  • Clone Event
    • Improvements have been made to the process for cloning one event to another (year-on-year)
    • Entrants can switch to an earlier event via Actions
  • Communication emails
    • A text editor has been added to Communications email authoring
  • Localisation
    • Access is to Page / Event Sensitive / All Interface Language options is now provided from a sub-menu launched from the screen icon in the page footer
    • A separate Acclaim User Right grants access to the feature (included in the Competition Admin rights profile)
  • Entry Home spot pricing
    • Entrants can be given a view of the anticipated pricing for their current un-submitted entries
  • Promo Codes
    • Promo Codes can be associated to Entrants
    • Acclaim applies the codes at checkout
  • Parallel Entry Edit
    • An improved dialogue provides more support for the choices available to Entrants 
  • Entry validation
    • Improved reporting of entry validation in Entry Home and in the entry
    • Improved Entry Overview window, now with links to the relevant pages
    • Incomplete status is now suppressed once the entry is Submitted
  • Organisations
    • Improved management of Organisation Credits and Entering organisations
  • Add tags to welcome pages
    • The No-Entries fallback page can now include a tag ask for an entrant's expected entry count
    • Tags can offer to email the entrant when entry is open, for the current and/or future events
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