Applying Promo Codes


There are two ways for Promo Codes to be applied in Acclaim.

By Acclaim

  • Acclaim will check for valid User Promo Code Associations at checkout and automatically add the promo code to the check out and re–price the basket of entries.
  • Acclaim will automatically add the promo code to the check out workflow if there is an active promo code association for the user checking out NOTE A user can have more than one Promo Code Association for a Competition Event and those associations could all be valid the time of checkout
  • Acclaim will determine which promo code to apply at checkout for a user based on a set of rules
    1. Acclaim will evaluate which promo code to the check out basket as follows Association for Competition Event the entries are being checked out for  Not Expired (current valid from / to date range against time zone in time zone of awards program) Not Suspended Entitlements Available Earliest association date for User and Promo Code. Acclaim will display the Promo code no longer available message if a User attempts to use a Promo Code that is in an association that is no longer valid.
    2. Users can't use promo codes - as in try and add them to the check out basket - that they are associated with after the promo code association has expired or entitlements have been used.

As an Awards Manager

  • An Awards Admin can apply any promo code with current Valid From / To dates for any user, whether a Promo Code Association exists or not
    • Existing Promo Code Property use restrictions apply
      • Use once per user
      • Use one checkout only
      • None - use is unconstrained
    • Note - The utilisation is for the person being checked out, not the Admin user checking them out!
  • Acclaim will display the valid promo code associations for the User at checkout (under the promo code input box) if Acclaim is unable to determine which promo code to apply. Acclaim will display the active association codes and the description for each promo code
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