Associating Promo Codes to Registered Users


Promo Codes in Acclaim are used to encourage entry in an awards program.

While they can be used to discount anything in a checkout basket, they can be targeted specifically to discount entry charges as an incentive to entrants to confirm their entry in a Competition Event. Promo codes run alongside the pricing windows (example: Early Bird, Regular, Late Entry), discounting the spot prices being calculated by Acclaim.

  • Promo codes can only be "bound" to registered users
  • Awards Managers do the binding - Acclaim does not automatically bind promo codes to registered users
  • The discounting is audited:
    • Which user bound the promo code to the registered user and when
    • The current value of discount given to each registered user for each promo code bound to them
  • A registered user can have more that one promo code "bound" to them at any one time
  • Acclaim will select the most appropriate promo code, and apply the discount for the user at checkout, according to the following:
    • There is an association for the Competition Event the entries are being checked out for
    • The Promo Code has not Expired (current valid from / to date range against time zone, in the time zone of awards program)
    • The association has not been Suspended
    • There are entitlements available
    • Depending on which association has the earliest association date  
  • The promo code discount is included in Entry Home Spot Pricing
  • Awards Managers can apply a promo code when checking out for entrants, their selection independent of the selection criteria used by Acclaim (above)

For the typical actions available to Awards Managers, see Managing Promo Code Associations.

Applying Promo Codes

To apply Promo Codes, please see Applying Promo Codes.

Communicate with Entrants about Promo Codes

Awards Managers can send email communications to registered users who haven't yet used Promo Codes.

  1. Go to Sales > ACTIONS > Communcations
  2. Select the communications group for All contacts who haven't used their associated promo codes
  3. In New Email Message:
    • Add a subject for the email
    • Add the text to be sent
    • Any any tags required, e.g. for the Programme Name or the user's name(s)
    • Use EDIT RECIPIENTS to exclude any of the included users from the email
  4. Click SEND MESSAGES  

Auditing Promo Codes

Acclaim audits Promo Codes in two ways.

  • In Edit Promo Code, in the Change History tab, Acclaim keeps a record of:
    • Promo Code activity, e.g. the creation of the Promo Code or the changes that have been made
    • The date and time that the last change was made
    • The user who made the last change
  • In Edit User Association, in the Change History tab, Acclaim keeps a record of:
    • User association activity, e.g. the creation of the association
    • The date and time that the last change was made
    • The user who made the last change


Apart from enabling Awards managers to Review Associations (above), Acclaim can report on Promo Code User Associations via a downloaded report. 

  1. Go to Sales > Actions > Reporting
  2. Click Promo Code User Associations Download
  3. Review the file for: 
    • User First Name
    • User Last Name
    • User Email Address
    • Promo Code Associated
    • Promo Code Valid From
    • Promo Code Valid To
    • Date of Association
    • Associated by Full Name
    • Associated by Email Address
    • Number of times used
    • Cumulative Value of Uses
    • Current State (Active / Suspended)
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