Complete a Failed Payment as an Entrant


Failed Payments

There will be times when payments just can't be processed by the Payment Gateway, and they don't provide any reason for the failure other than "This transaction cannot be processed". That string of text is what the payment gateway sends back to Acclaim. 

A failure such as this is very different to a Payment Declined situation. A failure does not indicate that there is anything wrong with the card. It is quite simply as the message says: they can't process the transaction at this time.

To Complete a Failed Payment as an Entrant

  1. Log in to Acclaim
  2. Click the Your Account icon in the spine
  3. Click the Entering Company in the spine under Billing
  4. Click the check box on the left for the invoice money is owed for
  5. Click CHECKOUT
  6. Fill in the credit card details and then complete payment
  7. You will receive a receipt in via email
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