Edit a Confirmed (Submitted) Entry


An entry can be edited after it has been confirmed by an Admin user putting the entry into revision. This can even be done to edit an entry during jugging, perhaps to correct a web link or to update a  file.

The revision process can involve communication to and between the Admin and entrant as changes are sought or requested, with messages to and fro recorded in the Notes tab in the entry.

To enable an entrant to edit a confirmed entry, the Admin can:

  1. Go to Entry and search for the entrant, entering company or entry reference number
  2. Once you have identified the correct entry, click the Notes tab
  3. Select "Note visible to entrant"
  4. In the dropdown, select the option to "Send 'A message about your entry' message"
  5. Check the box for "Entry in Revision"
  6. Add a note in the text editor to let the entrant know they can edit the entry
  7. Click SAVE

The Admin's note will be visible in the Notes tab, along with any replies from the entrant.

When the Admin and entrant are ready, the Admin can add another note and take the entry back out of revision.

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