Score Entries


Judges log in to Judging either using unique their judging token in the /judging portal for the event, or with their Acclaim ID in the usual way and then clicking Judging Assignments.


A judge token will typically have a lifespan lasting until the end of the current scoring round(s).

Once the judge has used the token to log in to Acclaim, there may be some Event terms and conditions to be agreed to before clicking START.

Score Entries

  1. Click View Entry List to see the entries assigned
  2. Expand the chevron for a category to see the assignments in the category
  3. Click SCORE to the right to start scoring the entry
  4. Review the scoring sections of the entry form, including any creative examples 
  5. Add scores in the sections that have been assigned scoring criteria 
    - As you add your scores, if appropriate, you will see a calculation of the composite score
    - Notes may be required in scoring sections; these will need to be added and saved separately
    - A scoring session can be exited before completion and continued, until scoring has closed
    - Scores can be revised until scoring has closed
  6. Click SAVE to save your score and move to the next entry

Enter your scores into the criteria boxes specified for the round, or abstain (see below), either way the entry is considered as scored.

Continue Scoring or Revise Scores

Once you have scored an entry, the scores will be evident under the category in your Judging Assignments. The button for the scores entry will change to EDIT and you can return to the entry to either pick up scoring where you left off or modify your scores.

You may edit your scores, or return to continue scoring, until the session is closed for scoring.

Link to: Abstention Policy

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